Strong conscious state
A heated area


Expelled your hate and trade it for something better: the ability to control fire

Spell Casting

Sit down, preferably cross-legged, and think about the thing you hate the most in the world. Imagine this entity/item is burning, and as its burning, raise your right hand. As you raise your right hand, the fire should start to devour said entity/item.

Once the entity/item has burned to ashes, raise your left hand. As you raise your left hand, the smoke should dissipate. After you are left with the ashes and only the ashes, lower your hands. As you do so, you should see the ashes begin to blow away. As soon as you bring both of your hands back to knee-height, chant:

"As the fire inside me burns strong,
My anger will no longer belong.
Because even though (name of entity/item) is still real,
It shall never again make me feel.
And I can now enforce that truth,
As the enemy I knew is no longer aloof."

After you have completed the chant, you should feel all hatred towards the entity/item go away, and replaced with a different fire. A true fire
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