Loved By All


Purple Candle
Pen or Pencil


This is a spell to be loved by all and for everyone to see you as beautiful/handsome.

Spell Casting

First you must light the purple candle and chant the following 3x:



"Goddess of love I call upon
you to grant me this wish.
I wish to be loved by all.
I wish for all to see me
as beautiful/handsome.
This is my wish
So mote it be!"
(You can say more than 3x if you want.
It could possibly have a stronger effect.)



Then write the following on the paper:



"I wish to be loved by all.
I wish for all to see me
as beautiful/handsome."




After you have down that you may say the chant again.
Then you must burn the paper with the purple candle.
After that you must wait until they both burn out.

I tested this spell on myself not too long ago. I have side effects of my face feeling some slight tingling or an uncomfortable feeling.
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