True Love


A candle
Item from favourite drink
A wand(optional)
Circle casting items(optional)


This spell is to tell you if you are destined for true love, or maybe give you a glimpse of what your true love might be like.

Spell Casting

First you must ask yourself. Do you really want to know if you'll find true love? Or who they might be? If the answer is yes, then continue.

First your going to need:

  • a candle (choose the colour that you believe really signifies love. It can be what ever you want.)
  • something to anoint the candle with that is connected to you (the crystals from your favourite juice, leaves from your favourite tea, something like that)
  • supplies to cast a circle (if you want to cast a circle, I suggest it)
  • incense (if you want it, again up to you. It's about your true love so it must be connected to you.)

First things first if your casting a circle, then cast your circle, and invoke whatever gods/goddesses you believe in. Then take out your candle, and what your using to connect your candle to you (for example peppermint tea leaves). If you are using tea leaves then you would at this point sprinkle them on your candle. Focus all of the love that you feel in this world on the candle. Feel your love pool into it. Once you are done anointing your candle light it. Then say the incantation.

"I'm having doubts
Doubts about true love
I want it, but am not sure if I'm destined for it
I want to know"
Repeat the last line three times. Then chant.
"So I wish it, so mote it be."

I know I sometimes I forget long spells, and even short ones. So if you have to write all this down on a piece of paper then burn it before the end of the spell. Then don't hesitate to.
After your chant ,blow out the candle, and start to meditate. If you've done the spell correctly the answer should come to you. You may even get glimpses of them.
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