Pregnancy Spell


12 White Candles


This spell might work it takes 2-4 weeks to work but it depends on the person that is doing to spell so please no bad or mean comments.

Spell Casting

Make a circle of white candles in front of you the put your hand in the middle of your circle.
Next light the candles carefully without burning your self otherwise that will screw up the spell.
Next sit there for 1 min and the take your handle away from the middle of the candle and meditate for 2 mins.
Now with your dominate hand kiss the middle of your dominate hand and hover it over your stomach while says this spell the amount of times you want a baby:


"Pregnancy is what I want , a baby is what I need let me be pregnant with (single, triplets, twins, quads, ect)all (1,2,3,4,5,ect) (girls,boys) so mote it be, bless it be."


This is my first ever pregnancy spell so please tell me if it works or not and if it doesn't please don't be mad at me because as I said it depends on the person it worked for my sister in law.
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