The luck of Snakebark Woods


Three 6"x2"x1" planks of silver birch wood
1lb of any metallic alloy (optional)
Four 8"x6"x1" planks of acacia wood
Two 1.4"x2"x1" planks of silver birch wood
Two 2"x3"x1.1" planks of acacia wood
Two 1"x2"x1" planks of silver birch wood
Glue, tape, or most preferably 24 nails


This spell is supposed to give you the luck of the man who made a special cabin in Snakebite woods, which will be consulted about on a different time. Anyway, the owner of that cabin received riches from people who got lost and stayed at his fort

Spell Casting

Place two of the bigger acacia planks side by side, making an 8"x12"x1" platform. Then, place the three bigger silver birch planks on top of that platform, making the three walls that are adjacent to the door. Now, put the two 1.4"x2"x1" silver birch planks facing inwards on the ends of the bigger sliver birch planks. After that, place the two small acacia planks on the ends of those, making sure that the silver birch planks are centered on the acacia. You have ow made the fourth wall and doorframe. You're almost finished, just two more steps to go. Now, place the last two silver birch planks in between the acacia doorframe. Finish it all off by placing the last two acacia planks on top of the four walls. Be sure to put 20$ inside the "fort" before you use the applicants, or it won't work.

This is where the applicants come in. Tape or glue the parts together.

If you decided to use nails, hammer them in at each end of the bigger silver birch, the outer ends of the rest of the silver birch, and the acacia doorframe.

Put this in a high place in your house(simulating the tree), and wait a total of one week. After said week, take it down. See if your luck changes.
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