Wolf Shifter (FIXED!)


Must be new moon and after dark!
Clear Quartz (preferably a rod)
Prasiolite (''green amethyst'')
Smokey Quartz
If you can obtain it, wolf fur, teeth, bones, etc. *
Something to write with
Single leaf from your favourite tree *
Black candle *
White candle *
Grey candle *
Gold candle


The other one was screwed up.
A spell to shift into a wolf at will. Shifts may at first be hard to control or initiate.

Spell Casting

* Special Instructions
Make sure the bones/fur/teeth are clean. If you wish, consecrate them to remove any death energy from them. A few days before the spell, while the moon is still in the sky, wash them in moonlight. Let the energy of the wolf mingle with the energy around.
Make sure you have the tree's permission to give you a leaf. Ask it politely. ''May I please have one of your leaves?'' If you wish, offer something to the spirits of the tree. Listen for an answer. If you feel that it is a yes, then pick up a freshly fallen leaf or reach up and gently, carefully pluck one from the tree. Thank it for its generous donation before you leave. If it is a no, thank it for listening. If you absolutely need the leaf, then do the spell next time the moon is new.
Wash the candles in moonlight with the wolf parts. Charge energy into them while visualizing wolves stalking in the forest, dashing through the trees, and howling into the winds.
Write on a piece of paper:
It is (time) on the night of (date). As the wolves stalk the forest, I, (name), wish to become their kin. As they howl, my soul resonates with their piercing cries. I, (name), shall become a wolf. In the night, my (colour) fur will drift in the shadows. (colour) eyes gleaming, a sleek muzzle points to the sky and howls a loud (type of voice, e.g. baritone, soprano). I, child of the sun, pledge allegiance to the moon. I, child of light, pledge allegiance to the darkness. The stars call my name and I answer.

Say this aloud. Now chant:
I call the names written in the stars!
Aries! Taurus! Gemini! Call in birth and rebirth, growth and splendor! Borne is the vibrant springtime!
Cancer! Leo! Virgo! Call in the mysterious, the magickal and strange! Bring the wind of a midsummer night!
Libra! Scorpio! Sagittarius! Call in the bountiful harvest before deathly chill! Gather the fallen leaves of autumn!
Capricorn! Aquarius! Pisces! Call in cold winds and snowfall, and change the rabbit's pelt! The winter has come at last!

The wolf hunts in the rainy springtime! The wolf stalks in the summer heat! The wolf howls in the red autumn and rests in the frozen winter!
Air, Earth, Water and Fire are known by the powerful wolf!

Light the four candles. If you have them, take the wolf parts and chant once for each item:
Meld the into my skin! The wolf's blood shall join mine in eternity! I thank the wolf for their powerful energies!

Chant over the candles:
Wolves of brown, gold and red! With this candle of gold, I summon your spirits! Wolves of health and healing, protect me to ensure my changes do not harm me! Balance my mind, body, and spirit to create a stable shift!

Gray wolves of hidden lessons, I summon you with this candle! Aid me in gazing into the realm of spirit! Show me my changes on the spiritual planes, and guide me through my transformations!

With this white candle, I summon the spirit of the white wolf! Reach into the astral world and shape my form into the wolf form I desire! The aura of the wolf and the soul of the wolf may merge with mine by your paw!

The black wolf is summoned by my ebony candle! O teacher of the physical, show me how to make my human form shift into a wolf to match the spiritual planes! And aid me in shifting back to my original form as needed!

I thank the spirits of the wolves one thousand times over for their aid and help!

Take your smokey quartz and hold it in your hands. Chant:

Keep my form grounded and physical, whether canine or human. Let me revert and change back at will, and never get trapped in my form.

Take the prasiolite and hold it in your hands, close to your heart. Chant:

Connect my soul to nature and let me join the path of the wolf!

Point the clear quartz at the new moon. Chant three times:

I call the wolves in the forests all around!
Come to me and let my true form be found.
From human to wolf I shall shift with ease
and stalk the forests as I please.
When the hunt is finished and the sun begins to rise
I may view the world once more through human eyes.
I will not tire in either form
Unless one of them comes to harm
As my fur grows on my back
I find new prey to attack.
My changes shall cause no pain or strife
And will never ever end my life.
If as a wolf I come to be dead
My human form will awaken in bed.
If my human form is no more
I will be a wolf forever more.
When the moon is full and the sky is bright
I will become a wolf that night.
At the break of dawn I will be human again
and will be able to change once again.
After my first shift, it will be an easy feat
To make paws out of my feet
And run free between the trees.
This is my will, so mote it be.

Sit and meditate alone. Imagine the wolf. Watch it running. View its gait very closely. Watch its movements as it strikes its prey. Watch it move. Follow its movements in your head. Become the wolf. Watch the same scenes through the wolf's eyes. Try to access the spiritual plane. Once you reach it, focus on your spiritual self. Crouch your spiritual self onto all fours. Shift it slowly. Try to focus on actually changing it. Don't just imagine changing it. Move your hands physically, mentally, or both, to get them onto the spiritual/astral plane with your spirit body. Push and pull on energy and move your body, and with it try to move your aura. Shift the bones to make it into the body of a wolf. Change the body's appearance. Pull outwards slightly to sprout fur. Pour your heart into it, but keep concentrating. When your form has changed fully into a wolf with the fur and eye colours you want, and your aura matches, try to move your spiritual self into your spiritual wolf body. Keep trying until you get it. In your wolf body, practice moving like the wolf visualizations. If you exit the wolf and stop seeing through its eyes, go back in and keep trying until you stay. Practice moving around until you feel absolutely comfortable with this body. Carefully ease out of the wolf and out of the spiritual plane. Focus on the movements of the wolves for a few minutes to chill out, then exit the spiritual plane. If you feel ungrounded, use the smokey quartz. Put out the candles and clean up the area. Keep the paper and the crystals in a safe place.

Every night until the full moon, say the clear quartz chant once while pointing the clear quartz at the moon.

================================================== ===================
Possible side effects:
Aches and pains
Toothache, sharper teeth, cravings for fresh meat
Spending more time in nature
Running on fours
Nausea, possibly vomiting
Higher independence
Wanting to be near nature and bad temper if far from it
Wolf dreams
Feelings of the hunt upon waking

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