Thick green candle
Incense related to employment like bergamot or bay leaf.
Substitute of employment Incense could be crown of Success incense
Oil related to employment such as bergamot, rosemary, bay leaf
Substitute could be crown of success oil


This spell allows you to have the job of your dreams. It's easy and even a beginner with faith and belief could perform this spell

Spell Casting

Cast your circle!! Consecrate the green candle and charge it with your intentions by visualizing your need for a job. Carve your name on the candle using a needle and anoint the candle with the oil of your choice.

Light your candle and incense and focus on the flame of the candle. Visualizing yourself already in possession of that job. Complete your spell by saying this spell 3 times all except the last line ( So mote it Be) which should be said once at the end of your spellcasting.

"I call upon the Universe to help me find a stable job as a _______. I need it to pay well enough to pay my bills and other living expense with maybe a little left over for fun. Let me work in harmony and be treated fairly with all others employed there. May they accept me as I am and may I accept them as they are. I humbly ask for this to come to fruition as soon as possible. So Mote It Be"

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