Money Spell


Peppermint oil (optional)
Green candle
Silver coin


This is quick and easy and if you put your mind to it, it works.

Spell Casting

Write on the paper how much money your going for. Carve a money sign with the coin onto the candle. Rub the candle in peppermint oil (optional) and visualize about you already having the money. Light the candle and visualize while folding the paper in three, then three again. Put the coin you used to carve the candle in the paper. Chant, "Money I need come to me. Do no harm so mote it be." As many times as you wish. Pour some wax on the envelope to 'seal' it, and blow out the candle. After that, put the envelope under the candle and you can either leave it alone. Or light it every day and take the time to visualize. The time varies for the spell to work.

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