Enchant Object


cloth (medium)


Creates an enchanted object which can be used as a magical item, or improve it's usability.

Spell Casting

If the item you want to enchant can be destroyed if it gets wet, use the Create Magical Charm spell instead. In place of a wand you can use any sort of stick or want like item.

Put the water into the bowl. Beside the bowl place the cloth and place your item on the cloth beside the bowl.

Dip your wand into the water and while stirring the water say the following spell:

Mix this water with air and wave,
Make this bowl become its slave.
Enchant the item which wet does get,
From this bowl and its contents.

Then place the wand beside your item on the cloth and pick up your item and dip it into the water. When you did the item into the water say the following:

Enchant this thing that I do bless,
And make its task the very best.

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