Full Moon Binding Latin


4-6" red candle
Picture of your beloved (if you are in it that is fine)
4" nail to use for inscribing
2" pins (1 must be sterilized)
6" red satin ribbon
Rose incense
Rose water


To bend your beloved to your Will and make him/her come back and never leave.

Spell Casting

Perform on the night of the Full Moon when she is in Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio. If you do not have a FM in these sign, do so when she is waxing in either one of them. (Please do not bind yourself to time. If you need to do this right away... do it!)

1. Inscribe your beloved's information on the candle. (i.e. name, dob, current location city, state, province, country.)

2. Light the candle.

3. Chant the following incantation with all the energy you can muster as you gaze at the picture. Repeat the incantation for a total of three times. Hover the picture over the incense to infuse it with its scent as well as to seal in your desires. Place the picture in front of the candle (ensure it will not catch fire), and allow the candle to burn completely.


"(Your beloved's name), ut loquerer omnia verba ista virtutis talem facere non possem. Diliges alius praeter me. Ambitiosi et alius praeter me. Et me solum desiderare. Tu credis unicam meam. Mollia tu mihi loquere solus. Tu vero dic. Tu ad me. Es meus. Ex hac die, sed voluntatem tuam; desiderium vestrum desiderium est; meae sunt necessaria. Desiderium, non me vereri. I hæreditate possidebunt te!"


English translation:


"Your beloved's name, as I speak these words of power, you bend to my will. You will love no other but me. You will lust for no other but me. You will desire only me. You will trust only my love. You will only speak tender words to me. You will only speak the truth. You belong to me. You are mine. From this day forth, my Will is your will; my Desire is your desire; my Wants are your wants. Your desire for me never wavers. I own you!"


4. Take the picture, and pierce your beloved's heart with the non-sterilized pin, and speak:


"Cor tuum mihi et solum mihi" (Your heart belongs to me and only me!")


Note: If the flame is strong, there is much power in your spell and little resistance. If it is small and flickering, you may have some outside influences. Place a black candle encircled in blessed salt, light it, and command any influences of resistance to move into the black candle to be burned away.

5. Take what is left of the candle, wrap it in the picture. Bind it all with the red satin ribbon, seal the knot with a drop of your blood (using the sterilized pin) then speak, "In perpetuum!" (For all time!)

8. After the blood has dried, place the packet under your pillow until your beloved returns to you.

7. When he/she does, bury the packet under a tree (preferably near your place of residence), to help your love grow strong then speak, "Non in perpetuum conteram, et ligabis! Signatum est in aeternum!!" (No one will ever break this bind! It is forever sealed!)

8. Walk away (Do not look back.)

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