Remove Bad Memory




To try and forget about a memory that is plaguing you. Temporary but if done enough can become permanent.

Spell Casting

When a memory is taking your mood down and you simply need to forget about it, use this spell. It also works if you are worried or stressed about something.

Easiest done sitting or standing.

Relax completely - I like to tense every single muscle in my body and hold my breath for about five to ten seconds, and then release everything as one.

Close your eyes and feel yourself retreat into your mind. Don't think about your body, just feel your soul in your head.

See the darkness of your mind before imagining a room. Build it around you. It can be done slowly or slap-dashedly.

Visualise a door in front of you. Make sure it is heavily bolted and strong. Place your hand on the doorknob to allow entry.

Walk into the room. Visualise a chest or cupboard, and open it up.
Then, allow you to imagine something over the top of this reality. See the memory plaguing you or the worries, and list them up, so they become a mass of energy or thoughts, and quite quickly, return your thoughts to the room, and throw them into the chest.

Quickly close it and imagine yourself wrapping an aura of protection around it.
Retreat out the room and let the door shut and lock.

It always helps me when I am trying to move on with my thoughts.
Sometimes I have to do it more than once but it always eventually works out.
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