Binding Spell




This spell is not guaranteed to work but is easy to perform.

Spell Casting

1. Say:


"With these knots of three I bind thee."


2. Say:


 "With this first knot I bind you, bind you of your actions, so that you will hurt no-one."



3. Tie a knot in the string.

4. Say: 


"With this second knot I bind you, bind you of your evil tongue, that you will speak ill of none."


5. Tie another knot in the string.

6. Say:


"With this third knot I bind you, bind you of your thoughts, that you will conspire no more."


7. Tie the last knot in the string.

8. Keep the string in a dark place. If you want to reverse the spell, untie the string and burn it. Bury the ashes or wash them away.
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