Pair of Wings


Needle or something sharp
2 Feathers (any kind, any colour)
Bowl or mug of hot water and a small bit of honey
Picture of what you want your wings to look like
matches or lighter or something


So, I haven't tested this because I want to see if it works for anyone else. Message me if it does!

Spell Casting

Take your bowl/mug of hot water and prick your finger, letting one, only ONE drop of blood fall into the water. Don't mix.

Take the picture and fold it three ways, put a drop of blood on it, burn it, and drop it in the water before it burns you.

Tear the feathery stuff on the feather off and drop it in the water.

Hold the other feather to your heart.

Recite this once:

 "God and/or goddess, I call out to you, give me the wings in which have been filled with my blood and burned. Give me the power to soar high with others. Let me retract my wings when they are not to be seen, and open them when I wish to be free. I hold this feather to my heart to show my undying wish for wings. Hear my plea and set me free."
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