Become any Werebeast




All the werebeast's: dracowolf, demonwolf, hybrid, werecyote, wereleopard, werepanther, wereseal, werelion, weretiger, weredog, werebadger, werejackel, werebear, werecat, werehyena, werefox, werewolf.

Spell Casting

Also to lokitty1 these werebeasts were in bookson this site and in TV shows and movies so they are very real.

Say this 3 times once done drink the water:

  "Werebeast's of the full moon I wish to be a (type of werebeast you want to be goes here) I wish to be able to transform at will, and shall not change back to normal untill 1 hour after the transformation, my element shall be (3 elements for draco and demon wolf and hybrid, 1 for all others) after I drink this water I shall instantly become a (put type of werebeast you chose here) by the power of the forest, so mote it be.
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