Love needs to Go


One Pink Candle
One Black Candle
Paper and something to write/draw with
Full name of you and romantic attraction


A spell to purge an unwanted romantic attraction to a person or thing. Note: Not recommended for malicious intent or purposes. I made this spell myself so I'd love feedback on the results.

Spell Casting

1. Take the two candles and set them 6 inches apart. Light them.

2. Place your hand over your heart, think about the attraction and say:


"I love you, I do. But too long this love has gone. So for the greater good of me and you, I hearby declare that this love needs to go."


3. Now take the paper and draw a heart with a line down the middle, and in one half, write the full name of your attraction and the full name of you in the other half.
4. Now hold the drawing over both candles and imagine your attraction to person/thing burning away with the paper and say:


"I loved you, I did. But this love has reached its end. For the greater good of you and I, I have declared that the love is gone."


5. Blow out the candles and take the ashes outside and scatter them to the earth. You have now set yourself free.
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