Wolf Spell


Outside or inside
Any moon


This spell will make you become half wolf, meaning that you can switch back and forth. This is white magic so you will be a normal wolf.

Spell Casting



"Gods and Goddesses, make me what I wish to be, a wolf. I shall not be immortal, and I shall live in peace with humans. I shall hunt when I want. This is also my wish, my fur color shall be (color) and my eyes shall be the color of (color). So please make me a wolf in (how many days) Thank You, this is my will, so mote it be!"


Side Effects
Your back itches
Feel wierd after the spell
Some random pains
Want to go outside
Crave meat
Longer nails

You will first transform when you get angry or when your blood pressure gets high so stay calm. Your first shift will have a light pain., then when you transform the next time, there will be no pain at all. So after your first shift, you can transform whenever you want. But when you get angry again yes, you will turn cause that leads to high blood pressure. This worked on me and my friend and I have black fur and silver eyes and she has green eyes and brown fur.

Believe and be safe hope this works for you!

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