Love Spell #2


Love oils
Red cord


The description “doll spell” tends to invoke images of stereotypical “voodoo dolls.” However the use of dolls in magical spells is incredibly ancient and fairly universal.

Spell Casting

Dolls are used for hexing but they're also used for healing, protection, fertility, and romantic spells. The piercing of wax figures with pins goes back at least as far as ancient Egypt, however those pins weren't meant to cause bodily injury. Instead they were intended to stimulate pangs of love and desire from whatever part of the body was pierced. Methods of piercing are frequently more inventive than just sticking needles into the doll.



1. Create two small dolls from a hard material: roots, wood, or bone.

2. Embellish the dolls: decorate with beads and fabric

3. Anoint with love oils and with any available sexual fluids

4. Bind them together with red cord, creating knots.
Hide them safely, for as long as you wish the romance to last.
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