Magic Strength Intensifier


2 to 4 candles
Quiet place
One pinch of faerie dust
A moonstone, gem, or enchanted rock.


Is your magic weak and not working well? This spell channels all of your magic force into one whole mass that makes all your magics stronger.

Spell Casting

1. Set out your candles about 2 to 3 feet apart and light them.

2. Get into crisscross or kneeling form.

3. Sprinkle the faerie dust in the fire.

4. Hold the rock or gem close to your chest and close your eyes.

5. Focus really hard and whisper this spell

"Oh gods, oh goddesses, I have a fright
Make my future big and bright.
My magic is small and weak,
make my magic power complete!"

 Note: It may take long to work, and wont work in a loud place. You'll know when it works if you feel a rush of energy or feel lighter.
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