Think About You Spell


3 Red Candles
Little piece of paper


Make someone you love/like think about you.

Spell Casting

1. Light the Candles

2. Write on the paper " ( full name of person ) Will Think about me "

3, Chant this 5x


"I put a spell on you (full name on person) to make you suffer like I do,

because I think about you day and night,

You shall do the same, it's only right."


4. Take the piece of paper and burn it from the Candles fire
( It doesnt smell fire or something so dont worry )
and chant it one more time at the same time the paper burns.

5. When the paper is gone say "So mote it be."
and blow the Candles out.

Side effects:
You will feel warm.
You will feel something in your heart.
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