You Messed with a Witch


Large Glass Jar
Image of Person
Hair or Personal item of Person
3 Black Candles


This spell is used to put harm too someone emotionally and physically. Can not be undone.

Spell Casting

Light the three black candles. Place the dirt into the jar along with nails, hair and image of person. Write on paper with your pen:

This persons time has come and they will feel fear, confusion and distaste in everything. Depression will consume and they will feel tired. Sadness will eat at their flesh. It shall happen at the end of the third day and the cemetery will carry out the dead.

Place the paper in the jar. Close the jar and chant over it 3 times

"Person will suffer and feel tormented."

- If you have a person in mind use name.

 At the end of the first day place the jar in an area thats dark and covered.
 At the end of the third day remove the jar and pour it into the dirt at the cemetery.

* Too make this stronger you can look at the image of the person and focus on putting all the negative energy into it, stare at it and feel your blood start to boil.*
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