Make It Rain




Now, I am what you call a "Water Witch" and so this is very easy for me. This spell will make it rain.

Spell Casting

Please be aware that if you cast this if you are lets say...A wind element, you might not get this to work, it depends on what you are and who you are! :) first, go outside, you can stand or sit (In a meditation stance), if you stand, please use you're hands or wand, if you sit you can pray and you have no need for either one.

Chant 3x:"Oh, gods and goddesses, hear my plea, bring some pouring storms to me, I wish for water, I pray for plants to grow, so mote it be!" If you are standing use you're wand and move it in a circle, up down, and lastly, straight up, do the same with you're hands, you can do this every day for three days but stay cautious if you do it any longer. If you do it any longer than you could cause a possible flood
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