Raising Spirits


A candle (Optional)


If you are feeling gloomy, or somewhat unhappy, feel free to try this spell. It incites the help of spirits in effort to help raise your sense of happiness. If you are clinically depressed or are having suicidal thoughts, please refer to a suicide hotline, or notify your doctor or psychiatrist.

Spell Casting

If you have a candle, preferably white, however it depends on what color makes you happiest, light it and sit. Pause for a minute and close your eyes, feel the energy around you. Envision it going into your body, filling a hole in your energy, now say the words,

"Spirits, fill me with joy, for I feel like but a broken toy, I ask you this not as thy master, but as thy fellow, I ask the spirits of above and the spirits of below."

Then if you had a candle lit, blow it out. This will not cure your entire unhappiness, nor will it keep you from feeling unhappy in the future, it will get rid of some of it, however, so you may bare the rest.

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