Returning a Hex


3 Black Candle


This spell should be performed during the full moon, near a window, preferably one facing the home of the person who hexed you, if you know who they are.

Spell Casting

Light the three candles, which should be placed in a triangle so that one is on either side of the mirror, and one is behind it (facing you). Place the mirror between you and the window, so the mirror surface is toward the window. Place your palms down flat on the table. Hold your back straight, and, with closed eyes, imagine a blue stream of energy coming from the moon, through the window, into your body. Hold the energy in you until you can feel it in your fingertips and toes. Then open your eyes quickly and release the energy seeing
it flow rapidly out of you and into the mirror.


"All evil sent to me
Reflected now will be
Three times three
So mote it be!"

See the energy flowing to fill the mirror. Visualize any negativity coming in the window bounding off and returning to the sender.
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