Wings Potion


Blood (yours)
Bird Feather
Lemon Juice
Fire (candle, stove, match, etc.)


To grow wings.

Spell Casting

1. Mix salt and dirt in the bowl.
2. In cup mix the blood (just a few drops), water and, lemon juice.
3. Pour the cup mixture into the bowl. Mix.
4. Burn feather letting ashes fall into the potion while chanting,
'I call upon the gods of flight
to give me the power and give me the right
to fly through the day and night
with wings that grow from my back help the sprout
please my gods so mote it be
5. Write on a piece of paper description of wings and what powers you want.
6. Fold paper in half, draw a pentagram
7. Make a circle of salt around it, draw an X in blood
8. Light on fire, chant first incantation. (Don't let ashes fall in)
9. Ingest potion, dispose of any burnt things safely.
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