Become a Charmer


The ability to write


A Charmer is a human like species only chafed by a spell. The spell works in a week 80% of the time. The other 20% it didn't work for. If the spell works and your a Charmer join my clan.

Spell Casting

Chose 1 to write it down:

-Fast like a cheat
-Strong like a bull
-Keen like a hawk

Chose 2 And write them down:

-Smart like a dolphin
-Fast reflexes like a cat
-Quiet like a mouse
-Flexible like a snake
-Graceful like a swan

Say spell once:

  "I wish to be a Charmer in one week
(First one)
(Second one)
(Third one)
So mote it be!"

Wait and week then test your new Charmer abilitys out.
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