Spell to Trap an Evil Spirit (in a Jar)


Salt water - 1 part Sea salt to 8 parts of spring water;
1 dried Rose;
13 Rose Thorns;
1 Small Glass Jar + a tightly fitting lid


This traps an evil entity or evil spirits and prevents any harm being done.

Spell Casting

Put the Rose Thorns into the jar one at a time and as you do this and drop one in, chant the following words each time:
"Thou Demon presence. Be no more!"
Crush up the Thorns in the jar and then crush up the Rose petals and add them to the jar, slowly add the salt water. Keep the jar open overnight. The next morning before the sunrise close the lid. All the evil should now be trapped inside the jar. Cover the jar with a cloth and bury it far away from the house in a place that has no buildings nearby.
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