Inner Beauty




Become more attractive to any gender of your choice from what your heart is.

Spell Casting

Take a necklace, any one will do. Set it down on a table or the floor. Make a heart with your hands around the necklace and say this (The louder you speak the more attractive you will become):


"Necklace I have in my possession, I wish for you to change. Hold a power inside that will make me one of a kind. Turn me into beauty, that everyone else will see, make them gaze upon the true beauty I carry within."


Then put on the necklace and watch as people start to crush on you more often.

This worked if:
- Men/Woman seem more attracted
- Your crush starts talking to you
- You are being more noticed
- More people want to hang out with you

And remember, you may look more pretty to some people, but the true beauty lies inside yourself, so show your inner beauty while people are starting to like you.
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