How To Summon A Bird Guardian


6 or more polished rocks/gemstones
A big bird feather


How to summon a bird guardian.

Spell Casting

  1. Take your polished rocks or gemstones and lay them out in a formation around the bird feather.
  2. Make sure no rocks or gems are out of place, close your eyes and imagine that there is a slight glow in the gems. Imagine the glow getting stronger until they make the feather rise into the air. Then, imagine the feather growing into wing, and the wing growing into a bird. Imagine the bird morphing into what kind of bird you want it to be. Think of it coming to land on your shoulder. Open your eyes.
  3. The bird should appear to you in your dream that night. If it doesn't, don't worry! It should come to you in less than a week. The bird will be one of your invisible protectors.
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