To prove to someone that you love them

Spell Casting

Go to a room alone, and think about this person.
"I love this girl/boy with all my heart
There's no way of hating him/her
I want to prove my love to her/him
With this spell let me prove to her/him what they truly mean to me
Let me love her/him with all my heart
The one I truly love
Have these words I'm about to say
Come to life and so she/he knows how I truly feel
'(The name of the other person) I love you with all my heart
I can prove it to you how much I love you by saying these words
I love you more than the gods could imagine
I would love to have you in my life
Now and forever
Never in fights and never blue
I want to show you how much you mean to me and how much I want to mean to you
I love you (persons name)'
With those words I have said
Thank you and have it all said soon."
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