Lightning Power Spell


A voice
Colouring tools
Other people (for a group)
8 candles
Lots and lots of belief


If you would like lightning powers then this is the spell that you need! Also this is my first spell.

Spell Casting

1. Set up the candles in a circle (one person candles around them. Two or more people candles inside)
2. Each person has to draw a lightning bolt and colour it in the colour that they want the lightning that they produce to be.
3. Fold it hamburger style
4. Write all of the details in eg: colour: indigo. Sound: silent
5. Fold it hamburger style
6. Write this down on the piece of paper:


I do not wish to harm, but I do wish to save, with this new ability I will gain. I wish to help not kill, all of those harmless people out there. Oh God, Oh God. Bless me with this ability to shoot lightning out of my hands.


7. Unravel the piece of paper and burn the edges of it. Then fold it back up so that you can't see anything on it.
8. Say every night for 3 nights 10x:


"God, please oh please make my dream come true, to electrocute anyone that does not obey you."


Hope you enjoyed my first ever spell! I know it sounds a bit unprofessional, but, it works! Trust me! I will be making more spells soon so make sure you message me and tell me what you want to see next! Buy!
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