Prayer for Guidance and Protection




A prayer to Bast asking for guidance and protection

Spell Casting

Say these words at anytime you desire to pray to Bast:


"Lady of the East, Devouring Lady, Protecter of Ra, hear my prayer.
I do not believe I am as cunning or as graceful as you and your kittens. I am human, and I am flawed. But I ask for your guidance in this life.
I need to learn to exist for joy, to live for love, and to protect those around me. To dance to the music that is life.

I need your protection while I am on my journey through this world, to protect me for everything from heartache to physical injury and sickness.
I am devoted to you my Cat Goddess, frisky yet calm, my protecter.
Blessed be to Bast, Lady of the East, Devouring Lady, Protecter of Ra, and now Protecter of me."
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