A lot of concentration on the task at hand.
And focus.


This spell will help you go unnoticed to your peers.

Spell Casting

Okay.. Now concentrate on you slowly fading away. Like, almost as if you're not there (You can also imagine that you're not where you are and try to visualize the place without you there).
Try not to make any eye contact. If you do, the spell will broken until they stop looking at you then you'll have to start again.
Something I do when using this spell, is to have your hood up or look at the ground. Also, to keep your focus and concentration on the spell, move a bit slower. Don't draw any attention to yourself.

Some tips on the spell:

-Try to always keep your mind on the spell.

-This spell does NOT make you invisible. It will make you go unnoticed by most people so don't freak out if someone says 'hi' to you.

-Keep a low profile. The less noise you make, the more effective this spell will be.
-Make no eye contact.


I hope this spell is as effective to you as it was to me. Message me if there's any concerns or problems.

Another note: This spell may give you a slight headache. And like any other, you need to believe magic for it to work.

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