The Shadow Spell


Small, smooth stone

Two Candles


Allows the caster to be rendered invisible.

Spell Casting

This spell is used to allow one to move or travel about relatively unnoticed. Care should of course be taken not to unnecessarily draw attention to ones self and thereby break the spell. This spell need be prepared in advance. A small, smooth stone should be acquired. The stone should be of minimal size so as to be easily carried on one's person without toil. The spell must be worked in the dark and two candles need be lighted and placed on a flat surface such as a tabletop. The stone should be placed on the surface between them. Repeat this incantation:

"Stone cold, without light Hold the shadow of the night Carry it through light of day Out of sight and out of way"

Extinguish the candle on your left. Repeat this incantation:

"Stone of earth, stone of shade Into thee this spell be made That no eye may notice me Whilst traveling to wander free" Extinguish the candle on your right. You should now be in total darkness. Pick up the stone and whilst holding it in both your hands, repeat the following invocation:

"Spirits of the night Lords of the shadows Guide my path Envelope me in thine cloak of darkness And let this spell be done."
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