A pen
A piece of paper
Thorns from a tree or bush
White and black peppercorns
Some of your blood dry or wet, blood is blood
Black string


This spell will help you go magickaly undetected when performing a spell, and will help you go undetected Simply walking down the street.

Spell Casting

Draw two lines on the paper going through one another making 4 90 degree angles and draw arrow on each line. After you draw the arrows make a circle inside the lines but not past the arrows. Make sure this symbol is big enough to fit almost the whole center of the page.
Next, add your blood in the center of the circle where the two lines meet, now add the salt, the thorns and 5 black pepper corns and 7 white pepper corns.
Now fold up the paper so no herbs or spices leak out then tie it with the black string.
Now place it in the fire and let the flame do its job.
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