Vampire Ritual of the Pentagram


Wooden Stake (or silver athame)
Ability to visualize flaming shapes
Ritual Space


Vampire Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (VBRP): to repel psychic vampires from your magical work. Based on proven Golden Dawn hermetic magic.

Spell Casting

1) Start by facing east and cast a circle. You can point with the wooden stake and visualize it as a ring of fire on the floor while circumambulating the ritual area deosil.

2) Perform the qabalistic cross by touching the body part listed with your wooden stake in dominant hand (or the first 2 fingers next to your thumb) and say the Hebrew word next to it.

Forehead : Ateh
Breast : Malkuth
Right Shoulder : Ve-geburah
Left Shoulder : Ve-gedulah

Cross arms with hands on shoulders and say: Le-olam Amen

3) Now we inscribe the 4 earth pentagrams. In other words, keep your arm extended forward to trace and visualize four big flaming 5 pointed stars at the cardinal directions. (one point at the top) The correct way to inscribe an earth banishing pentacle, is to start at the bottom left point, then up to the top, then bottom right point, then upper left, straight across to upper right, then back to bottom left.

Face the given direction and pronounce the following name of the Hebrew god while tracing the earth pentagram. (again rotating deosil) (YHVH, ADNI, AHIH, AGLA) If you don't like the Hebrew god, you may say names of a different entity. Also there is nothing inherently satanic about pentagrams, as they have been used in magic a long time before satanism existed.

East : Ye-ho-wah
South : Ah-doe-nai
West : Eh-he-yay
North : Ah-gla

Return to east with hand still forward.

4) This is the point where we generally invoke the Archangels. Cross your arms in front of you, elbows pointed forward and say the following:


"Before me, Raphael
Behind me, Gabriel
At my right hand, Michael
At my left hand, Auriel."


Note : You can invoke kings of hell here instead of Archangels if you have a thing for demons. (Lucifer, Leviathan, Flereous, Belial) Spirit names should be vibrated, and the spirits should be visualized to the best of your ability .



"About me flames the pentagrams, and in the column shines the six rayed star. Ad quos eieci ab spiritibus malignis et succo."


5) Perform the qabalistic cross. (Step 2) Again and stamp your right foot.
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