Bring Love to Your Life


Have to do this on a Friday between 3:00pm to 3:59
Always have belief in a spell
Concentration is also advised


This spell is to bring your one true soul mate into your life.

Spell Casting

1. Relax your mind and body for a while as your about to undergo this spell casting. ( Can be done inside or outdoors as long as its quiet and there is enough space)

2. Cast a circle.

Method to cast circle for this type of spell: Invocation of the Divine

Invoke the Dieties by asking them to join you for your magical workings.



"God and goddess, I ask that you join me here to assist with my magical workings."


*Note: state why you have called them here for and continue on with the spell.

3. Once it is at least 3pm hold the amber on both palms of your hand and start chanting 10 or more times if needed.




"Goddess Aphrodite please hear my plea, fill my life with passion and joy. Bring me my one true soulmate who he/she will accompany me for eternity. Please bless this charm held in my hand, and bring me my one and only. So mote it be."


4. Thank the divine that has joined you.

Close the circle: starting from west, walk counter-clockwise around the circle three times as you say:


"The circle is open, but never broken. So mote it be!
Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again!"



I really don't know if this works or not haven't tested it. Give it a go, and if it works message me and rate this five stars.
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