1 blue/white candle
A 1 dollar bill


This is a simple, yet very useful spell to bring you money and fortune.

Spell Casting

Okay, put a one dollar bill before a candle and light it up. Now focus on the flame for 30 seconds, visualize the quantity of money you are willing to have, put in all of your desires into it, be passionate, let the desire burn as you focus more intensely. Now close your eyes and watch the flame as you imagine you are having the money, you are happy and secure, simply imagine how would you react after getting the money. Then you burn the 1 dollar bill and collect the ashes. Throw the ashes at morning sun rise and yell "mote it be".

Your obstacles that is hindering your progress to wealth would be destroyed. White magik like this takes lots of time, unlike black magik, where the result is achieved usually faster. Do not doubt your powers, the moment you doubt is you have betrayed your mind. Results would be bad for that reason.
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