Poppy seed
Sea salt
Mortar and pestle (optional)


This is a fairly simple spell to ward off evil and keep unwanted visitors from entering

Spell Casting

Grind together the poppy seed, rosemary, and sea salt. How much you grind is based upon how much you need to protect. You only need to protect the entryways of a place, but if outside then enough to draw a circle around you. Grind them all together really well, until almost a powder. Cup container in hand, make sure no light is touching the powder, and chant this 3 times:

"Spirits of the cosmos,
Hear my cry and help
Bless this creation
Imbue it with my love, and my hate
My hopes and dreams
My most passionate secrets"

Then sprinkle the powder outside all the entry ways, windows too, and make sure they are shut. Then chant as many times as you think necessary

"May the spirits protect me and 
Anyone who enters from harm
Keep away the foulest of creatures
Hide us from view
Bend the light so no unwanted guests
May find us"

It should make it to where no one you invite in can see your hiding place or if your in it
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