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This isn't a spell, it's more of an information thing that tells about soulmates.

Spell Casting

Soulmates, the universal symbol of true love, and pledge. A pledge to forever be faithful, and never lie to your lover. I, for one, have found my mate, and I believe, that you can find your mate at any age.

You may simply be sitting in your room one day, and catch a whiff of a wonderful scent. Maybe it smells like honeysuckle and sweet pea, or maybe vanilla and sweet, sweet honey.

 Soulmates are a blessed thing, and are meant to be cherished. To you, your soulmate will be the most beautiful person in the world, you might never look at another person like you look at your soulmate.

Soulmates are binded by their souls. If you mistreat your significant other, you may feel their pain if you have a strong enough connection, it is even possible to have a slight telepathic connection. So respect them.

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