Four Become One


4 Witches
Red Chalk


This spell allows four witches to join as one and channel their power through one chosen witch.

Spell Casting

Three witches or 'donors' must gather in one place, preferably somewhere out of the way. You may either sit in a circle or stand this isn't important, the important part is to hold hands. The three donor witches must close their eyes and visualise the fourth witch or 'receiver' who must draw a circle with the red chalk around the donor witches. The receiver must stand in the centre of the circle whilst all the witches chant:

  "We hail you divine Goddess Turn the chalk to iron Stay the enemies hand from touching our circle
Then the receiver witch should rub the red chalk on their hands and crumble the rest on the floor in the centre of the circle, then resume the chant,
Turn the red to blood Bind __(name of receiver)__ to our circle May four become one May one become four
Now only the receiver.
Give me your strength Give me your knowledge Give me your power
Now the donors turn
We give you are strength We give you are knowledge We give you are power
All together
Let us be one!

Until either one of the donors lets go, looses consciousness, or the chalk circle is broken and so long as the receiver has chalk on their hands then all four witches will think together and the receiver will be able to draw on the power of the three donors.
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