1 white candle (one per person)
An herb that you like the the smell of
A charm or necklace that you like
An stick of incense that you like the scent of
A crystal (preferably quarts or amethyst)


A one time use spell for happiness.

Spell Casting

Light the candles, and get the tune of a song with an easy rhythm in your head. Hold the crystal above the candle until you feel the warmth from the candle creep up to your fingers. Take the crystal and hold it against your charm. Sing the song (without words) and repeat it, so you've sang it twice. Blow out the candles.

You will feel the energy transfer into the crystal. Set the crystal down, and put your charm on. When you are feeling sad, or want to use this spell to feel better, sing the same song the same way, and put your hands on both your charm and your heart for it to work.

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