Become A God/Goddess




This will make you a god/goddess.

Spell Casting

Say this first: "Wind, fire, water, earth I call on you to make this spell magic, so mote it be."

Now say this 5-10 times: "Oh gods oh goddesses make me a (god/goddess) of (specialization) and give me the power to create anything i want, and to make whatever i say happen, and to cast any magic spell, and give me super strength, super speed, and amazing beauty, and glowing skin, and immortality, I thank you for listening to my calls, now hear my plea, bestow your power upon me, and give me these wonderous powers, make me a (god/goddess) , so mote it be."

Note: this will fully work 100% if the gods and goddesses can see you.

What you can get from this spell is:

  • Amazing beauty.
  • Super strength/speed.
  • you are able to cast any type of magic.
  • glowing skin.
  • Anything you say happens.
  • You can create anything you wan't.
  • And immortality.
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