True Love


1 flower
A charm or symbol
Scented candles (optional)
A cup


This is a spell to make you love who you are. This spell will not effect the ways others feel about you or think about you.

Spell Casting

First light candle, this part is optional though it does strengthen the effects of the spell. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply for 3 minutes Cup the flower in your hands Then call out 3 times

"I am beautiful inside and out.
My opinion is the only earthly one that counts.
Small in size
Big in meaning
Like a rose blooming in spring
This I call by the power of 3
Lovely little me
So mote it be"

Take the cup of water (prepared earlier) Drop you charm/symbol in the water Start picking the petals off the flower. Drop them into the water one by one. Each petal represents traits you want to have so say them as each petal hits the water Your charm/symbol now is filled with confidence You may wear the charm any time you are worried or nervous. Remember to love yourself!
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