Angel summoning


1 White or silver candle
1 Frankincense
1 Enchanted mirror
1 Table


A spell to summon an angel using a magick mirror (from the element encyclopedia of 5000 spells).

Spell Casting

Cast a magick circle around the table and place the enchanted mirror on top, then light the candle. Announce your intention and ask for angelic blessings. Sit, relax (you may want to meditate before performing the spell) and burn the frankincense.
Look into the mirror. Pretend you're not looking at yourself but impartially at another being. When this is accomplished, look 'beyond' yourself in the mirror.
Stay relaxed, if you're tense, this won't work. Only work for as long as you feel fresh and relaxed; several attempts may be necessary before your goal is accomplished. This spell takes time.
Eventually you may see a new face, you may see your guardian angel or another spirit behind your image, you may even see lights. The experience is very personal and varies. Talk with the image in the mirror.
When you're done, the mirror should be wrapped in dark or velvet and kept reserved for this ritual alone.
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