Lemon-based Weight Loss


2 tsp of Lemon oil
1/4 of a Cinnamon Stick
1 Bay leaf
1 Citrine Crystal (Small)
1 Small Oil bottle with a roller lid


A small, cheap herbal and oil mixture for use outside the body to help promote weight loss and better diet.

Spell Casting

Crush up the Bay leaf and the Cinnamon stick using a mortar and pestle, then put them into the oil bottle. Put the crystal in there with them, and then add the Lemon oil.

Focus on it and visualise you losing weight and/or being your desired figure while visualising the mixture in the bottle glowing a yellow light.

Let it rest on a window sill for 3 days, then apply it to wherever you wish to lose weight. Also apply to your neck or wrists so you smell it occasionally.
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