Managing Negative Habits


1 poppet
1 stretch of cloth
1 bowl of water
1 jar
1 lighter
1 dash of salt
X drops of lemon juice


Poppetry used in aiding a host's breaking of negative habits.

Spell Casting


  • Understand that this spell is meant to aid in managing a negative habit, not cure it.
  • Ask permission of the host for a strip of cloth from a garment they own (skip if you are the host).
  • Make a poppet of desired form and material (not using the cloth strip yet).
  • Take a bowl of water and add a dash of salt and the desired number of lemon drops.
  • Keep a jar and lighter handy.


Take the strip of cloth and soak it in the water mixture, adding the cleansing energies of salt and lemon to the host's personal energy. Wring out the cloth so it is damp (not dripping or dry) and wrap it around the poppet. As you do so, realize that the salt absorbs the residual energy of the habit and the lemon helps break it down time to time. As this spell is for managing an on-going issue, repeat as necessary, adding more lemon juice drops as you go for build up. As the spell "cooks", leave the poppet in a jar with the lid sealed. Once finished, safely burn the cloth and poppet, then bury the ashes in a place deemed acceptable.
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