Meditation to Rid Oneself of Negative Energy




Exactly what it says.

Spell Casting

Okay. Now to begin find a spot to sit down. I did not sit down but it still works. I had lied down on my bed and did this on a comfy one too. I also did this with a dog barking so loud but in a little while the dogs barking faded but My friend say it still went on.

After done this While lieing down or in the meditation pose Close youre eyes and make a triangle with youre hands. You can put the triangle pose right on youre stomach. After a while I had felt something viberating on the tips of My fingers. This is normal.

Okay the next and last part is while closing youre eyes and imagine something so dark and gruesome and slowly changing into something beautiful. What I had done was seeing a dark and horrible forest and then it cleared up by slowly disipating into thin air to see a meadow of flowers in a long field.

If you have any questions or complaints contact me. If you want some more examples also contact me.

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