Easy, Proven Wishes


Food coloring in a color that resembles your wish
Small bowl of water
Charm (necklace, ring, bracelet)
A small item associated with your wish


I urge you to be practical with your wish!

Spell Casting

Take the bowl of water and place it in front of you. You need to say your wish 3 times, and after each time drop one drop of food coloring in the bowl. Once you say your wish 3 times and put 3 drops of food coloring in the bowl, say

"Gods and Goddesses hear my plea, This is my will so note it be. I have a wish so fine and true, I want it to come right out of the blue. Gods and Goddesses hear my plea, this is my will so more it be."

Now dip the charm in the bowl and say "blessed are thee, bring my wish to me" if you have an item associated with your wish dip that in the bowl too. Keep the items with you at all times and say "by the power of three" pour the water in a garden.

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