Dream of the Future


Pale blue cloth
Ash leaves
Bay leaves
Jasmine flowers
Marigold flowers
Onion, and/or yarrow
Ribbon/piece of yarn
White piece of paper


Use what you learn to prepare you for the future.

Spell Casting

Dream divination is the power to see the future and enhance clairvoyance through dreaming. To foresee an event in the future through a dream, try this powerful dream ritual. Decide what subject your prophetic/psychic dream will be about: Does it involve you, or someone else? What is the subject you need information on? (Money, love, etc.) How far or near in the future do you wish to see? Do you have a specific question to ask, or just a general topic? How do you want the question answered- by a guide, symbols, emotions, etc.?

Once you are sure you know what exactly the prophetic dream should be able, you
can gather your items and prepare your working. Lay out a square of pale blue cloth.
In the middle, places a mixture of ash leaves, bay leaves, cinquefoil, heliotrope, holly,
jasmine flowers, marigold flowers, mimosa, mugwort, onion, and/or yarrow (however
many you can find). Bring the corners towards the middle and tie it all together like a
small bag with a string, ribbon, or piece of yarn.

Then, on a white piece of paper, briefly explain what you need to see in the dream,
using the guideline above to tell the main ideas/questions you need prophecies about.
Place the herbal bag and the note beneath your pillow, and make sure you record your
dream in a notebook or journal as soon as you awake, so you do not forget it.
Use what you learn to prepare you for the future.

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