Personal Power Crystal




Not so much as a spell as much as a power bank. It stores energy in a crystal that will bind to you to use later or add to your power. It also can sometimes be used as a substitute to meditation to build up power.

Spell Casting

You need to get a crystal, first off, that you feel connected to. Once you have one that just kinda draws you to it, you want to carry it where ever you go. You can wear it, you can carry it in your pocket, or even flat out hold it, just have it on you when ever you can. Then whenever you feel like you have the energy to put in a good amount, you just want to hold it in your hands and feel the energy flow through it. Your heart beat may seem harsher in your hands but that is normal, it is just the crystal matching to you. Then, when ever you need energy, power, etc. just hold it and take the power from it. You only need to fill the crystal up a few times, then it will attach to you and you will share energy after a while.
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